I'm generally very lenient with enforcing limits on lease agreements. However, if you know that you have reached or are about to reach the limits of your lease agreement, I kindly ask that you contact me to upgrade your agreement. You will only need to pay the difference between your current lease type and the upgraded lease type.

You may contact me to upgrade your lease agreement. You will not pay the full price of the new lease agreement, I will only charge you the difference between the cost of your current agreement and the cost of the upgrade.

Unlimited leases are just that: unlimited. There are absolutely no limits on how many radio stations your song can be playing on, how many streams you can get, how many music videos you can create. Zero limits. However, you do not own the instrumental with an Unlimited lease. I retain ownership of the instrumental. If you wish to gain full ownership of the instrumental, then an Exclusive lease is for you. In addition, with an Exclusive lease I get 50% of publishing rights on the song as the producer, whereas with Unlimited or below I do not get publishing rights.

Depending on what type of lease you purchased, it varies. If you purchased anything up to AND including an Unlimited lease, then there is nothing you can do. You do not own the instrumental and therefore you cannot do anything. The only way you can take action against the person using the instrumental is if you have an Exclusive lease, because this type of lease gives you full ownership of the instrumental itself. By having this lease, you will be able to file a DMCA takedown notice against anyone who uses the instrumental in their own song without your permission.

You only own the instrumental that you purchased if you purchased an Exclusive lease. If you purchased an Unlimited lease or below, then you do not own the instrumental and I retain full ownership of it.

If you purchased the instrumental via TrakTrain, then please contact their support team to request a copy of the lease agreement. I do not hold copies of lease agreements for instrumentals sold on TrakTrain, I only retain copies of lease agreements for instrumentals sold via email, SMS, Discord, or other messaging services.

Sorry, I do not accept requests to produce custom instrumentals. I'm already very busy in my real life as-is, and because of this I do not have time to make custom instrumentals for people. Hopefully my instrumental store on TrakTrain offers something that's close to what you're looking for. As an alternative, you can purchase an instrumental that's already on my store with a WAV Trackout lease or higher and receive the stems.

Sorry, I do not currently accept requests for custom mixing/mastering services. If I ever do start doing custom mixing/mastering, I'll announce it on all of my social media profiles and on this website.

Try your best to estimate how successful you think your song will be ahead of time, and guess how many streams you think you'll be getting. If you know you have a large audience, I recommend getting an unlimited or exclusive lease. If you're a smaller artist, then a WAV trackouts lease or even a WAV lease is recommended. If you're only making a song that will be shown to a select group of people, then an MP3 lease is for you.

Generally speaking, yes. Depending on the lease type you select, you are allowed to have up to a certain number of monetized streams. Once you surpass this limit, contact me to upgrade to a more flexible lease for a discount (you'll only need to pay the difference between your current lease and the new lease)

All leases include a limited synchronization license for the agreed-upon number of music videos and monetized video streams on all sites. By purchasing a lease, you are being granted the permission to use the instrumental to produce a song of your own. If you wish to use the instrumental for TV, film, or video game synchronization please contact me via the Contact page on this site or via email.

Sometimes I might have a track promoted on TrakTrain Stations. As a result, TrakTrain takes over control over the price of the instrumental. In addition, you will not see a download option to download a free demo mp3 file for this same reason. Anytime one of my tracks is promoted on TrakTrain Stations, I lose control over pricing. Sorry :(

At the bottom, you should see controls to play/pause. At the far right (on desktop) you should see a 3 dot icon, click it and you should see the Download option. Please note that not all tracks will offer a download option, if a track is being actively promoted on TrakTrain Stations it will not offer a download option.